A Lawyer’s Perspective

Andrey Dovbenko

The world is not changed by ideas, but by courageous people, ready to fight for their future. I believe that Ukraine will change for the better if we think outside the box. I am not waiting for the future to be built by someone else. I'm taking my own steps.

My history

A person is characterised by his actions and life principles. Every detail in my biography – my education, my profession, where I live – are choices I have made and have contributed to creating the person I am today. My desire to help change the country is based on the experience and skills I continue to gain in my legal practice and public work.

My thoughts

A thought is a unit of change. Progress is measured by ideas, the realisation of which need to be communicated. I believe in freedom of speech and that its existence helps society move forward through open dialogue.

The media

Because we live in an oversaturated world, only the most important topics and where they voiced should take precedent. The media today allows for all manner of ideas to be presented, including the ability to discuss those ideas with a wider audience.