A month ago, lawyer Andriy Dovbenko resigned as managing partner of the Evris law firm. According to Dovbenko, he is now working on creating his own venture fund, which will invest in Ukrainian high-tech start-ups.

Dovbenko has spoken previously about his intentions to change his sphere of activity. In a recent interview on changes in the management structure of Evris, he said that he plans to devote more time to projects that are not directly related to jurisprudence. Meanwhile, Dovbenko shared his vision on how the legal services market will develop in the near future, and he is sure the law firm’s sphere of activity will expand significantly. The reason will be, on the one hand, globalisation, which gradually blurs the borders between countries; and on the other – the introduction of new technologies that will dictate the need to make quick and effective decisions as well as upgrade the skills of employees of international companies.

The structure and size of Dovbenko’s venture fund is still unknown. However, according to the lawyer, special attention will be given to start-ups focused on blockchain. Experts have already noted the great potential of this technology for some time, and Dovbenko is sure it is capable of making a revolution not only in the economy, but also in the sphere of public administration.

“At present, Ukraine is generating a large number of innovative blockchain start-ups and I am creating a venture fund to give them a chance to develop. I am sure that my fund’s team will also be able to stimulate the emergence of new ideas for the development of various spheres of the country’s economy,” says the well-known Kyiv lawyer.

Dovbenko is convinced that his departure from Evris will not be poorly reflected upon where the future success of the company is concerned. Moreover, the company’s reorganisation was more than successful: administrative management of the law firm was delegated to Igor Kravtsov, where four managers became partners. Recall that Evris was voted best in the nomination “Law Firm – Breakthrough of the Year” at the 2018 Legal Awards. Also, according to results of the PLS Top Teams program, Evris entered the Golden League of Ukrainian law firms.